Marianne Klinkowski

AKC Liaison:  NLAA, Inc.

E-mail address:

Location: Cupertino, California

I have been involved in the world of purebred dogs since 1962 when my family purchased their first Basenji. I have owned Basenjis ever since and added Papillons in 1989. I have bred Basenjis under the kennel name Naharin and have owner-handled my dogs to top awards.

I have been a member of the Basenji Club of America since 1964 and was a founding member of the Basenji Club of Northern California, having held offices ranging from Vice-President to Board Member, Show Chairman and Lure Coursing and Racing Committee Chair. I was a member of the NLAA 2006 National Specialty Show Committee and served as Trophy Chair and Chief Ring Steward.

I am an American Kennel Club approved judge for Basenjis, Norwegian Elkhounds, Salukis and Papillons and serve as the Judges Education Coordinator for the Basenji Club of America.

I met my first Lundehunds in Norway in 1997 when I went there to visit a litter of frozen semen Basenji puppies sired by my stud dog. We attended a dog show while there and I was immediately captivated by the Lundehunds’ beauty, clean good looks, friendly temperaments and uniquely functional physical characteristics. I currently co-own an enchanting young Lundehund bitch.

I work at Roche Palo Alto as a Research Associate and at present am deeply involved in a microdialysis study.

Term expires: 2013

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