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Cliffhanger Lundie Fest 2007

Cliffhanger Norwegian Lundehunds’ Lundiefest 2007 in Tomales, California, May 26, 2007.

Skadie bends her neck

Skadie my 10.9 year old Lundehund, doing what only Lundehunds and Reindeer can do. Bend their necks to touch their backs. Yes she has little help from me, but trust me it doesnt hurt her, and you can tell shes rather fed up with me and the 4 or 5 trys it took to get this shot.
Note: Your dog does not do this… Do not try this at home.


Lundehund water fun

Watch as several Norwegian Lundehunds subdue a menacing stream of water. Listen to the clattering of the Norwegian Lundehund Jaws!! Featuring Fanny, Cecil, Emmy and many others!

Lundehund snack time

Watch as Ray tries to give 16+ Norwegian Lundehunds a Snack

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