The Norwegian Lundehund Association of America, as the American Kennel Club recognized Parent Club, remains dedicated to all Lundehunds in the US.  An unfortunate reality of life is that not all dogs, no matter what breed, are a perfect match with their owners & family.

 If you find yourself in the situation where you are thinking about finding a new home for your dog, our first recommendation is to contact the breeder from where you obtained him or her.  If this proves to be an unavailable option, for whatever reason, please contact us.  A designated representative from the NLAA will then be in contact to assist you.  Please see the list below to ensure you have a clear picture of what we can and cannot do to assist you.

What we CAN do:

  • Respond back to your request to identify/clarify pertinent details (age, sex, reason for release, etc.).  We will also discuss various options open to you, as the dog’s owner.
  • Send out a notice to fellow Lundehund owners & breeders, both here in the US and abroad, to advertise the possibility of an available Lundehund.
  • When we receive responses back, we will have the two of you to contact independently.  This way you can ask questions of each other and, in the end, find the right home for your dog.  Please note:  at this point, NLAA is required to remove itself from the process.  Due to legal & liability constraints, NLAA and its members cannot be a part of the re-homing process.


What we CANNOT do:

  • We are not able, as an entity, to take your Lundehund for you into a foster care situation.  We do not have an independent Rescue entity formed (usually a identified as a 501c(3) tax-exempt corporation), as larger breed clubs do.  Without an independent Rescue and the associated liability insurance, we have no legal authority and/or coverage to sponsor foster homes.


Please note:  as outlined above, the NLAA is operating in an ADVISORY role only.  The NLAA and its members operate this Referral on a non-fee based, non-biased service to the public at large.  NLAA has no legal authority to accept ownership of your dog(s) and re-home them.  The ultimate decision remains with you, the dog’s owner.

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