2007 – San Rafael, CA


Photos by Anneli Häggblom

The judge for the 2007 National Specialty was Mrs. Eva Berg.  Mrs. Berg is a certified judge in both AKC & FCI.

Eva’s interest in the Norwegian Lundehund began 10 years ago when she had the opportunity to judge a Specialty entry of the Breed at an ARBA Show.  The fascination with the Breed was rekindled while attending the Lundehund National Specialty and hands-on study group.  She is honored and excited for the opportunity to judge the 2007 National Specialty Show!

Eva has exhibited Dalmatians in conformation and obedience under the  kennel prefix of “Proctor” since 1967.  With her husband, Ken, they have bred over 90 champions, seven nationally ranked, and numerous obedience title holders.  They owned the Number 1 Dalmatian in America (Pedigree Breed Point System) for 1991, 1992 and 1993, and the No. 1 Dal, all systems, for 1992 and 1993.  Eva has previously served on the Board of Governors of The Dalmatian Club of America for twelve years and has chaired the National Health and Research Committee.  Eva has also chaired the National Judges Education Committee.  She was President of the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation.  Eva is a member of the Dalmatian Club of Northern California since 1971.  Eva is also a long-standing member of the Dalmatian Club of Canada.

Eva is a former high school teacher and has instructed in a noted Obedience School.  She has two children and five grandchildren.

Eva is an American Kennel Club licensed judge of the Sporting Group, Non-Sporting Group, and most of the Working Group.  She is also licensed to judge Miscellaneous Classes, Best In Show, as well as Junior Showmanship.  Eva has judged National and Regional sweepstakes and has judged a number of Dalmatian Specialties.  She was selected as the primary judge (Dogs and Intersex) at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty show in French Lick, Indiana in June, 2000.  Eva also has judged Regional Specialties in a number of Sporting and Non-Sporting Breeds, as well as judged the Dalmatian and Keeshond Canadian National Specialties. 

Eva has twice judged the Dalmatian National Specialty in Thailand, and has judged the Dalmatian National Specialty shows in, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia.  In addition, she was honored to judge the bi-annual European Conference of Dalmatian Clubs Specialty Show.  Eva has also judged multiple breeds and groups in these countries using local and FCI Standards.  In addition, she has judged entire Rare Breed dog shows.  She has presented breed seminars for judges on numerous occasions.

In addition to their involvement in Dalmatians, the Bergs have owned several other breeds.  They currently own a Portuguese Water Dog and have owned Poodles, Scotties and Boxers.

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